Modern Logistics Equipment With Industrial High Speed Door Dock System

Modern Logistics Equiment Equipped With High Speed Door, Dock System For Reducing The Production Cost

Automatic and High Performance Speed Door  is the solution to the high-level clean environment which needs prevent
dust and anti-bacteria, applied in the busy passageway area with high clearness demands,strong wind-resistance,
especially for the food,pharmacy, and fine machining industry.

  • Safe and stable operation during the whole processing.
  • More durable by the unique and professional curtain material. 
  • More beautiful/elegent appearance. 
  • Anti-bacteria protection system.
  • Our owned Trade - Mark and professional developing & researching team.
  • Sustained innovation on the product.

Dock System:


1) Special design for factory’s outside/exterior application.

2) Frequent using/cycles during the loading and unloading. 

3) Safe design&durable operation.

4) Environment friendly.

5) Good protection for loading and unloading.

6) Providing the closing space for the loading and unloading.

7) Free weather effection.

8) Resistance for insect entering.



Activation System

Open and Close the door:

  • Radar
  • Induction Loop
  • Remote
  • Card Sensor
  • Pull Cord
  • Push Button
  • Touching Panel for Cleaning Room
  • Central-Computer Controlling

Safety System

Safe Equipment:

  • Beep
  • Anti-wind Bar
  • Traffic Light
  • Wireless safety Edge
  • Built-in Photo Cell
  • Emergency Handle
  • Shoulder Protection

Why Choose us?

  • CE Certification: patent number--2012204951286;201220495059
  •                                                      ISO NO: 00913Q12336ROS
  • Customized products for clients
  • Designed for the long term, high frequent operating with reasonable price
  • High quality and high performance.
  • Pofessional researching and developing innovation on products.

 Modern Logistics Equipment With Industrial High Speed Door Dock System



Industrial High Speed Door

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