1.2mm PVC High Speed Doors With Radar , Plastic Roller Shutter Door

1.2mm PVC High Speed Doors With Radar , Plastic Roller Shutter Door
The charactor of Automatic and  High Performance Speed Door:
Automatic and High Performance Speed Door  is the solution to the high-level clean environment which needs prevent
dust and anti-bacteria, applied in the busy passageway area with high clearness demands,strong wind-resistance,
especially for the food,pharmacy, and fine machining industry.

  • Safe and stable operation during the whole processing.
  • More durable by the unique and professional curtain material. 
  • More beautiful/elegent appearance. 
  • Anti-bacteria protection system.
  • Our owned Trade - Mark and professional developing & researching team.
  • Sustained innovation on the product.

Main feature:
H2000(The most economical price) durable high speed door is very suitable for the demands of general
frequent using in interior wind load area.
Further, with the optional stronger wind-bar, it can meet the demands of exterior application.

Curtain Color

Blue, Orange,Yellow, Red, Grey, White,Green.

Viewing Window

Full transparent 1.5mm PVC window.

Power supply

AC 220V - 240V,Single- 3 Phrase, 50HZ

Anti-bar width

60mm or stronger anti-wind pipe


 -7 to 65 Celsius degree

Normal Working

 -5 to 65 Celsius degree

Standard Motor Position


Installation Base

 Concrete,Panel, Brick,Steel Structure.

Installation Space

≥600mm above the door
≥600mm for motor side
≥200mm for non-motor side
≥800mm in front of the door

Using Area

For Show Room


Technical Parameter for speed door

Max Size:5000mm(W)*5000mm(H)

Opening Speed:1.2m/s

Closing Speed:0.6m/s

Wind load Max:12m/s


Mechanical Unit

Frame:304 Stainless Steel

Inner Frame:Anti-wear Nylon Molded Inner frame

Thickness of frame:2.0mm Stainless Steel

Thickness of shaft cover:1.5mm 304 Stainless Steel

Motor cover:Yes

Frame Size:120mm*120mm


Control Unit

Control system

  • S150 FU Micro-processor
  • English Man-Machine Interface
  • Self Trouble-Shooting Recognizing system
  • Bigger LED Screen

Control Box Size:320 X 400 X 210 mm


Driving System

Feature:Absolutely Encoder

Driving Unit Brand:ABB Motor / Yaskawa Frequent Convert


Activation System

Open and Close the door:

  • Radar
  • Induction Loop
  • Remote
  • Card Sensor
  • Pull Cord
  • Push Button
  • Touching Panel for Cleaning Room
  • Central-Computer Controlling

Safety System

Safe Equipment:

  • Beep
  • Anti-wind Bar
  • Traffic Light
  • Wireless safety Edge
  • Built-in Photo Cell
  • Emergency Handle
  • Shoulder Protection

Why Choose us?

  • CE Certification: patent number--2012204951286;201220495059
  •                                                      ISO NO: 00913Q12336ROS
  • Customized products for clients
  • Designed for the long term, high frequent operating with reasonable price
  • High quality and high performance.
  • Pofessional researching and developing innovation on products.

1.2mm PVC High Speed Doors With Radar , Plastic Roller Shutter Door
1.2mm PVC High Speed Doors With Radar , Plastic Roller Shutter Door


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