380V Three Phrase Industrial Dock Levelers , Stationary Dock Ramp

380V Three Phrase Industrial Dock Levelers , Stationary Dock Ramp 




How about our product ?


In Chinese market , there are so many dockleveler manufactures on various levels of technology. An unavoidable fact is that very few of them can provide all serious of docklever’s products smoothly. Suncome, with our own research and develop team ,has the full production ability to meet the customer’s needs sustainedly. The core advantage lies in some constant technical innovation and breakthrough.


Suncome, a combination supplier of special industrial door and loading system as well as an entrepreneur for the solution of logistics system , with professional experience, is the best choice of high efficiency and low conservation in modern architecture and workhouse. Our products, are famous for the integration with European advanced technology, notion, and quality, especially, with high-intellectual processing, affordable price, safety and durability.


Our products , which are very widely used in many fields such as: food, pharmacy, chemical industry, electronics, automobile, precision mechanism, cleaning workroom, refrigeration industry, intelligence building, automatic parking system.


1) Free maintenance and environment protection.

2) According to the customer's demand.

3) Fine steel-plate frame.

4) More ecological to meet the enviromental protection.



  1. System: The free maintenance designing for the long run
  2. Safety Structural: safety legs provide supporting and below-dock loading. 10 Amp motor, hydraulic pump,
  3. Motor-runs off : 220V single-phase electrical outlet
  4. Structure ; 50,000 PSI high-tensile steel deck and lip assembly depending on selected dock levler capacity
  5. Integral maintenance struck for deck spporting
  6. optional: 18'' or 20''for longer lip purchase
  7. lip extension extends lip at full height
  8. clean-frame design for easy clean-up,maintenance and inspction
  9. Operation: push-botton desinging for operating 
  10. Working range: -250MM to + 300 MM; -300MM to +450 MM
  11. Capacity 25000LBS  to 35000LBS
  12. Size: 6''x8'';7''x8'',6.5''x8'';6.5''x8''(Ft.)
  13. Color: negotiation 

Our specialty

  1. We can provide the scheme for you according to the customer. 
  2. We can provide the installation drawing for you. 
  3. We can provide the right door-choosing suggestion. 
  4. We can provide the installation guidance. 
  5. We can provide the professional service supporting. 
  6. We can provide the operating guidance and instruction. 
  7. We accept  your acquirment and consulting suggestion.

Our professional system in the whole service processing


We have the best solution for you, and we provide all the support you need to achieve optimum results, or value, or both, from whatever products you buy. We promise you must have an unforgettable experience between our business.


380V Three Phrase Industrial Dock Levelers , Stationary Dock Ramp


380V Three Phrase Industrial Dock Levelers , Stationary Dock Ramp


Industrial Dock Levelers

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